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We cordially invite you to the 15th International Conference on Electrified Interfaces (ICEI2019) to be held in Valdivia, Chile from November 3 - 8, 2019, in Hotel Villa del Río. The ICEI is organized every 3 years to provide an interdisciplinary forum for discussion of recent progress in interfacial electrochemistry and related subjects. Previous meetings were held in Singapore, Chateau Liblice, Snowmass, Logan, Telavi, Berlin, Bologna, Asilomar, Harlech, Povoa de Varzim, Wolfville, Spa, Sahoro and Geneva.

Conference Chairs

Official Sponsors

Important information

Marc T.M. Koper

Leiden University


Daniel Scherson

Case Western Reserve University


José H. Zagal

University of Santiago de Chile

Local Organizing Committee

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Cristhian Berríos

University of Santiago de Chile

Ingrid Ponce

University of Santiago de Chile

Federico Tasca

University of Santiago de Chile


Jorge Pavez

University of Santiago de Chile

Carlos Bustos

University Austral de Chile

Nataly Silva

University of Desarrollo

International Advisory Board

P. Allongue (France)
C. Buess-Herman (Belgium)
J. Chen (China)
J. Feliu (Spain)
M. Forsyth (Australia)
H. Girault (Switzerland)
A. Gross (Germany)
R. Hillman (UK)
M.T.M. Koper (The Netherlands)

K. Krischer (Germany)
P. Krtil (Czech Republic )
E. Leiva (Argentina)
N. Markovic (USA)
O. Magnussen (Germany)
S. Mhaisalkar (Singapore)
S. Mukerjee (USA)
A. Russel (UK)
E.R. Savinova (France)

G. Scherer (Singapore)
D. Scherson (USA)
Y. Shao-Horn (USA)
J. Stickney (USA)
K. Uosaki (Japan)
H. Varela (Brazil)
A. Wee (Singapore)
J.J. Zhang (Canada)

H. Hoster (UK)



The ICEI is held every 3 years to provide an interdisciplinary forum to discuss recent advances in interfacial electrochemistry and related subjects. The field of "electrified interfaces" has a wide reaching scope, and consequently, this conference covers a diverse range of topics that fall into this category.


Topics include (but are not restricted to):

  • Electron Transfer

  • Electrocatalysis

  • Electrochemical & Electroless Deposition

  • Electrochemical Materials Synthesis

  • Bioelectrochemistry

  • Fundamental Aspects of Energy Storage

  • Sensors

  • Ionic Transport

  • Membranes

  • Modeling and Simulations

  • Nanostructures

  • In situ Spectroscopy

Special Issue of Electrochimica Acta

A special Issue of Electrochimica Acta, open for selected participants, will be published soon after the conference. Guest Editors will be  Marc T.M. Koper, Daniel Scherson, and Jose H. Zagal. Submission of contributions will be open after the conference.


Important Dates

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$350.000 CHP








$420.000 CHP


$224.000 CHP

$266.000 CHP

CHP Chilean Peso

The Registration Fee is charged in Chilean pesos (CLP) and we give you a "Payment Receipt" in the next few days.

Registration fee includes:

  • Participation at the conference.

  • Book of Program (Book of Program and Abstracts will be available in digital format).

  • Welcome reception (November 3).

  • Coffee AM & PM.

  • Lunch.

  • Banquet Dinner.

  • 1 Excursion day.

Accommodation is not included in the registration fee.


Confirmed Speakers: 

Marc K.T Koper

University Leiden, The Netherlands

Electrochemistry of platinum.


Katsuyoshi Ikeda

Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

Surface Enhanced Electronic and Vibrational Raman Scattering at Electrochemical Interfaces

Takuya Masuda

National Institute for Materials Science, Japan

In situ electrochemical XPS and HAXPES for solid/liquid interfaces.


Yoshitaka Tateyama

National Institute for Materials Science, Japan

Theoretical electrochemistry of Li-ion states around electrode / solid electrolyte interfaces via DFT calculation analysis.

Helmut Baltruschat

University Bonn, Germany

The Interface between Single Crystal Electrodes and Aprotic Solvents) - SEIRAS, EIS and STM.

Vito Di Noto

University of Padova, Padova, Italy

Elizabeth Santos

Ulm University, Germany

Topological and chemical effects at Graphene interfaces.

Axel  Gross

Universitat Ulm, Germany

The structure of the electrochemical double layer at electrified interfaces revisited from first principles.


Kohei Uosaki

National Institute for Materials Science, Japan

Combination of Boron Nitride and Metal Nanoparticles as Novel Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction and Hydrogen Evolution Reaction.

Kei Murakoshi  

Hokkaido University, Japan

Exotic Electronic Excitation to Manipulate Electrochemical Potential of Electrons and Holes at Liquid/Solid Interfaces.

Sanjeev Mukerjee

Northeastern University, USA

Jelena Popovic

Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Germany

Interfacial electrochemistry in soft matter lithium battery electrolytes.

Rob Hillman

Leicester University, United Kingdom

Real-time internal compositional profiling of multi-component metal films during electrodeposition and ageing.

Daniel Scherson

Case Western Reserve University, USA

Electrode Simulation.

Petr Krtil

J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry, Czech Republic

Synergetic and local strain effects in control of OER activity in ternary oxides.

Enrique Herrero

University of Alicante, Spain

Effects of the surface charge in the ORR and HOR on platinum electrodes.

Hamilton Varela

University of Sao Paulo, Sao Carlos, Brazil

Germano Tremiliosi Filho

University of Sao Paulo, Sao Carlos Brazil

Unexpected high activity of nanostructured Rh-Pt catalysts for ethanol electro-oxidation.


Ernesto Calvo

National University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

The role of superoxide and singlet oxygen in the oxygen reduction reaction in aprotic electrolytes containing lithium salts.

Dario Dekel

Technion, Israel

Anion-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells: State-of-the-art and current challenges.

Maritza Paez

University of Santiago de Chile, Chile

Modified Electrodes to understand bio-processes.

Andrew Gewirth

University of Illinois, USA

Electrochemical Stiffness, Solid State Electrolytes, and Batteries.

Mauricio Isaacs

Pontifica Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile

Copper nanostructures for electrochemical reduction of CO2

Sara Cavaliere

Université de Montpellier, France


Hotel Villa del Río

Avda. España #1025, Valdivia, Región de los Ríos, Chile


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